Measurement, Test & Data Analysis

According to the experiences and knowledge the members of the company gathered during their university work, different tasks of data acquisition and analysis (post-processing), various tasks of sensing, measurement scenarios development (signal quality, strength) as well as the tasks of prototype’s functionality testing (BER, ERC) can be solved according to the direct client’s needs and requirements. Preparation of eligible documentation where all results are described properly is common practice.


One of the primary business areas of CybernetX Ltd is the ability to develop and implement special hardware and software solutions according to the direct clients needs with multiple applications fields covered. Developed hardware solutions arebuilt using various types of microcontrollers (MCUs). 8-bit MCUs are used for basic applications, more demanding applications can use up to 32-bit ARM-core MCUs. Developed hardware is provided together with the control firmware as well as with the basic user application interface allowing further modification of an introduced solution.

Research & Development (R&D)

A core competence of the CybernetX Ltd team are their experiences in different R&D projects at nationaland international level. A further involvement of the company within projects of applied research, where the problematic of software and hardware development is handled, could bring sufficient outcomes for the involved parties. Moreover the company could be also considered as a SME partner who could provide the facility to bring and promote the developed product within the market.