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The Company Overview

CybernetX Ltd. is a Slovak IT company that was established in 2013 as a spin-off of the University of Žilina. It consists of the key members of the Department of Technical Cybernetics. The company belongs to the core R&D companies in the region of north Slovakia within the ICT sector.
Products & Services
The main focus of CybernetX Ltd. is the development and implementation of special hardware and software solutions according to the customer requirements covering multiple application fields. The core application domains, which comprise more than 75% of the whole portfolio, include Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) and Home and Industry Automation (HIA) applications.
Research & Development
The company’s employees have extensive experiences in the participation at various research projects at national as well as at international level. Especially the issue of prototyping makes the company a valuable competitor and SME partner in the frame of European research.